The dry food industry is an important one industry that is connected to the dry food industry. The business processes are quite easy to see but complex in nature like - moving dry goods, storing goods, shipping it to the customer etc. In this all phenomenon, packaging of material has no standard procedure, it can make a product more successful or a failure.

By using the ERP software, a dry food company can easily handle following operations -

  • inventory control

  • stock control

  • handling of raw ingredients

  • rapid data sharing with the administration

  • analytical dashboards

  • handling of raw ingredients and food safety

  • ensure proper labeling

  • tracking production cost & quality at each stage of manufacturing

There are three type of benefits, an organization can get by implementing the erp software -

Suppliers side -

The supplier is associated with the ERP software of the company and it can also see the current stock of the company and formulate the demand of the customer and the next purchasing of raw material can also be decided by the supplier side.

Operations and logistics -

The dry food company can decide and differentiate their products from each other and the competitors after getting the data and one of the task of logistics department is to purchase the raw material from the suppliers. ERP software can improve the order management of the organization.

Finance -

The financial data can be found easily by the erp financial officers and the real cash analysis can be done easily and the real time cash can be allocated on time. The proper accounting consolidation, process management & workflow collaboration can be easily maintained by the ERP software.


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