Spark Meditech private limited is 1990 established company which is originated basically in India and it is well renowned in supplying the medical and surgical equipments to the different parts of the world. The company provides the aim to follow the mission for providing the high tech medical and surgical equipments at the low prices. This company is ISO certified from ISO - 9001-2008 from Germany.

There are many reasons  for implementing the ERP software in this company -

obstacles -

current inventory and manufacturing system.

lack of accountability in employees

lack of visibility and transparency in system processes

changing requirements of customer base

manufacture equipments as per the changing market scenario

Immediate requirement for a centralized system


ERP implementation success -

Spark Meditech administrators decided to implement the ER software to overcome the existing obstacles and they also decided to implement the sodtech’s idempiere ERP software because it had the primary benefit that it had no licensing fee. It also provided the real time monitoring system which could provide the prevention of the delay in communication and shipping of orders.

This ERP solution of SODTECH also provided the compatible solutions that also helped the businesses to collaborate the business requirements and departments and helped in proper material planning, production scheduling and forecasting, marketing and distribution as well.


by - university ERP - dreamteam technologies