Viadux is an Australia based eco friendly firm which is involved in manufacturing water pipes, network of pipes, valves at affordable rates. The company has their own data warehouses at India, China and Indonesia. In 2017, it was merged in Reece group That offers multiple customer segments worldwide.

Why Viadux was needed ERP systems -

At Viadux, there was a multiple disparate systems and it had high maintenance costs and complexed business processes. It was needed to remove all this interruptions by using an integrated ERP solution and the complete customer satisfaction was needed to be enhanced.

Besides this, all the customer data was segmented into two homegrown systems and other multiple data systems were also operated at the eight different branch locations of the company. So the Viadux decided to implement the ERP software provided by the Ramco ERP systems.

This ERP solution was also integrated with the Finance and HR functions and this software also had its omnichannel access and unique user friendly design. It also helped in providing the real time information and visibility into make administrative decisions.

Results -

  • reduction in operating cost of company and increasing transparency

  • enhancing customer insights, improved transparency and visibility

  • company got the accelerated growth and profitability

  • reduced complexities more than 50 years

  • Better real time reporting system  


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