Tata iron and steel company private limited (TISCO) is an Asia’s largest integrated private sector steel making company. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and it is a subsidiary of Tata Group. The annual capacity of steel making production is 14 million tones.

Why ERP was needed in TISCO private limited  -

The two factors were responsible for the implementation of the ERP in a company alike TISCO that they were not customer friendly and they were also not aware from the demands of customers. The existing systems were not updated and advanced and they were full of errors, redundancy and complexity.

As per according to the company requirements, the overall SAP system adoption was necessary not only in the environment but also in the hearts of the staff of the company and administration as well. After a careful implementation of the company environment the ERP implementation decision was finalized.

After a careful planning, the version of SAP ERP 3 was decided to imply in the organization. It took a complete year to implement the software as per according to the company policies. TISCO never left the learning and adapting new things so they got successful in earning the profits in over a short period of time.

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