Govdep is a public agency in Australia, established in 2009, made from the merger of two Australian state government agencies. It manages all kind of natural resources like - environment changes, water, botany gardens and natural parks.

Why the erp software was implemented by Govdep -

The main implementation reason of the SAP erp software in the Govdep was the initiative taken by the Australian government. This decision was taken to enhance overall transparency in financial data. The overall motive was to standardise the reporting and auditing tools as well to review the government IT departments.

As like the most other organizations, Govdep firstly organized the inhouse accounting system which was available with limited features. But with the implementation of SAP software, they were able to get success. The SAP software was implemented to adopt the following modules -

  • finance and accounting

  • material management

  • warehouse management

  • plant maintenance

  • project management    

How was the erp software implemented into the Govdep company  -

In the implementation team, there were two groups of employees - one was from the inhouse sourced developers and the developer section provided by SAP. The SAP team developers provided the assistance in data migration, post implementation support and future upgrades. For AI based modular development, some third party developers were freelanced. It was also decided that how the necessary elements would show to the public users.

Benefits -

  • enhancing learning in the organization

  • sharing of information among all the government units and public

  • better control on the processes

  • centralization of data and better security policies


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