When the erp software was launched in 2004, there was a huge opposition in the company employees for performing many hits and trails. So company decided to implement the training session for the employees. Firstly the key personnels from every department was included for the training program to become super users.

There was a big benefit of this training session that super users trained their other employees and colleagues to become software savvy. It increased the user awareness in the system and company had not maintained any other personnels to maintain the training sessions for the employees.

The end users also contributed in helding a regular contact with the ERP implementation team and they also provided regular feedback to the team about the upcoming problems and working issues. This regular feedback also helped in deciding the further workflow of the system that how the processes was to be embed into system.

In spite of all these efforts, the SAP business manager proclaimed that the change management is not effective still in the organization and pipeco company will have to increase the strength of the company staff. Pipeco company also sent the back-office employees to the front end roles.

Benefits -

  • increased number of employees

  • role changing for more productivity

  • great awareness of the erp processes

  • shaping in the final business processes

  • better control of the processes

reference links - https://indiancrafts123.blogspot.com/2018/10/how-was-change-management-implemented.html