Envico is an australian company which is engaging in the supplying and distributing the waste disposal and recycling management, energy and transport facilities. It is being operated from the last 40 years and it is originated from a french-parent company. The company has more than 150 branch offices and has more than 3500 employees for work.

Why did ERP was implemented into Envico company -

There were following reasons for implementing the erp software in envico company -

  • The company information were decentralised instead of being centralised and integrated. So the consolidation of data was not easy. Further growth of data would not be possible without the proper implementation of erp software.


  • It was necessary for envico to find the proper IT support team to manage the implementation of erp software. It became possible when they found the SAP erp vendor for their project integration and collaboration.


How ERP software was implemented into Envico company -

Envico was the direct sponsor for the implementation of erp software SAP ECC version 4.6. The HCL company was selected as the main implementation vendor for the erp project. The total cost was more than AUD 25 million.

The HCL technologies performed the 80% of the application modular development tasks whereever for the third party application development envico inhouse development team participated in it.   

In 2000, the overall implementation phases of SAP ERP software was completed. The bigger quality of this implementation was that the whole erp implementation was based on the phased approach. One office installation did not impact the other office working.

Benefits -

  • empowerment of employee productivity

  • establishing common vision and goals among staff members

  • better communication among the business units

  • proper linkages with the external parties

  • standard user interface and business learning within organization

  • better understanding of processes and control

  • better reporting and auditing

  • improvement in logistics management

​reference link - http://mukeshtiwari.doodlekit.com/