A perfect ERP software should have the following time table features -

• Period management facility available, timing for periods you can manage

in this section according to summer and winter schedules.

• Class rooms can be managed section wise / groups wise, so that teacher

can get proper information that in which room he need to go for taking

class in his particular period.

• Teacher’s wise time table can be created through system.

• Subjects Group wise time table can be generating for facilitate the

LITEROM administrator.

• Time table can be assign to other teachers as it as in case if any teacher

left school in mid of session. Same time table can be generated to

another same subject teacher as it is without any affect on current

system working.

• Multiple time table facility available in case more than one schedule

school is going on. If school timing different for junior and senior classes.

• Weekly working standard can be created by LITEROM administrator like if

required 5 days working in a week or if required 6 days working in a


• One teacher one time table or one teacher multiple time table facility


• Arrangement / Substitution can be made in system if anyone is absent for

the day.


• Weekly teacher time table report.

• Groups/Section wise time table report.

• Room wise time table report

• Monthly time table report teachers wise

• Consolidated teachers time table report

• Day wise teachers time table report

• Teachers Arrangement report

• Consolidated arrangement report can be generating monthly or weekly.

• One session time table can be copy as it is in new session.


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