Xylitol does not harm the excellent bacteria we need for a healthy and balanced smile. The Plaque Bacteria * absorb Xylitol and deprive.

* Plaque Bacteria (Streptococcus Mutans) metabolize sugar, eliminating acids that ruin enamel, bone and also gum tissues.  These microorganisms grow in a damp atmosphere with sugar as a food source.


Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis as well as Gum tissue Economic crisis are caused by Plaque Bacteria. When you water floss with simply water, you are spreading this bacteria throughout your mouth.


You additionally take the chance of pushing it deeper right into your gum pockets.Because it is hard to appropriately clean between your teeth and also along your gum line, lots of people place solutions into their water flosser to aid in breaking down the plaque.


In search of that healthy and balanced smile Americans today are cleaning their teeth as well hard and also lengthy with extremely abrasive items.


This practice in time is breaking their enamel and also gum tissues leaving them at risk to periodontal disease as well as eventually tooth loss. We are likewise having limited success reaching the problem areas that a tooth brush simply can't get to.

You possibly have actually discovered that you can not buy a tough toothbrush any longer. Most of toothbrushes available currently are soft or added soft. This is due to that we are currently seeing the damage that even your toothbrush alone has done over the last few decades.


We used an item of smoked plexiglass to highlight exactly what rough toothbrushes and toothpastes are doing to your gums as well as enamel in time.


Left wing is a single use our WELtip + WELtabs. On the right is the outcome of One Minute of cleaning with a tarter control tooth paste. We desire you to comb less.


Yes, we are informing you to brush much less as well as allow WELtip do the rest. After you have actually water flossed with WELtip you carefully clean for 30 seconds. Your teeth and also mouth will have never ever felt cleaner.


Our mission is in order to help you keep your teeth for your life time and also simplify the method to much better oral health. We will certainly be adding brand-new shades to the WELtip line in the future.


We will certainly additionally be including brand-new tastes to the WELtab line of tooth paste tablets. WELdental will likewise be accepting others in the dental sector to develop extra over-the-counter and prescription tablet computers that will utilize the WELtip delivery system.

We are all prepared to go, and also the only missing piece is YOU. Your support will certainly help us scale up manufacturing to bring WELtip to market.


Developing products, communicating with our customers, and delivering on our assurances is the name of the game, and something the WELdental team is really experienced in.

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Water Flosser Tablets With Xylitol Minimize Plaque Bacteria

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