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Why is there a minimum deposit for online casinos?

Before anything else, let us define what a minimum deposit it. The name explains itself perfectly. It is the minimum amount that you need to deposit if you want to play in the online casino that you have chosen. While all online casinos allow players to play the demo games, that will not allow you to withdraw your winnings. If you want to play for real money, you need to meet the minimum deposit requirement.

Apart from that, there are other reasons why a minimum deposit is needed for online casinos.

It allows low-risk playing. As mentioned, this is suited for low-stakes players. Some casinos have as low as €1 deposits. With most slot machines allowing low bets, it does not restrict the players from enjoying online casino games. If they are lucky, they can grow this small amount without really risking too much of their money.
It allows players to try something new. This could mean both new online casinos or new games. Sometimes, players will not really know if an online casino is good unless they have tried it out. The minimum deposit allows them to play and get a feel of the casino experience without dedicating too much of their money. If they decide not to continue with the account, they can live with whatever deposit they are bound to lose. The same can be said for new games. Even if the game ends up being too difficult to play, the minimum deposit will help lower the risk.

It has to be said that every online casino has different policies. Some have really low minimum deposits like €1 while others have €20. There are usually freebies attached to these. Obviously, the higher the deposit, the more you will benefit from free plays, bonuses, and other freebies.