Alright, so the non specific term is the one we will utilize, not simply in this article, but rather all through this site all in all. So what makes it an Android box? Distinctive organizations can make diverse skins or launchers to give it a modified look and feel. For the most part they're attempting to make it less demanding to use from your lounge room sofa, or have it look more like Netflix, which bodes well. Netflix is one of the world's most best spilling administrations, so copying their interface makes it less demanding for new clients to acquaint themselves with their new TV box.Since Android is an inconceivably adaptable working framework, on the off chance that you don't care for the launcher that accompanied your gadget, much of the time, you can just include another one and begin utilizing that launcher. 

Android TV versus TV box

At the I/O meeting in 2014, Google propelled Android TV. It's a framework that composes your substance into one stage for simple association and seeking – including Google's own voice look usefulness. You can discover about the official Android TV here. On the off chance that that sounds natural, it should.Android TV is Google's endeavor to run your media center point. We've seen comparative endeavors throughout the years from Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Playstation and associated Blu-beam players), Roku, Amazon, Apple, and the rundown continues forever. Android TV is the second endeavor from Google in this space from Google – the third in the event that you tally the Chromecast. Google TV, which was their first endeavor at decision your front room, however never truly got on.


The contrast between Android TV and an Android TV box, lies in the working framework itself. Android TV is a unique form of the center Android OS. Android TV can't run each application, at any rate not without establishing your gadget. In any case, the applications that it can run are particularly intended to be kept running on your TV as opposed to a touchscreen.Why is that vital? All things considered, lets utilize Netflix for instance. In the event that you've utilized Netflix on your cell phone or tablet, at that point you'll swiped here and there to look through the rundown of classes. When you found what sort of motion picture you're searching for, you can swipe left or appropriate to perceive what's in that kind.

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An Android TV Box

What makes it an Android TV box?